Link’s Budding Artists!

Wood and Weir classes visited the Turf Project in Croydon’s Whitgift Centre. It is the first entirely artist-run contemporary art space in Croydon.

Students enjoyed viewing an art exhibition entitled “Mothers” which is centred around the theme of caring. After the gallery experience, they got involved in a creative session. They were encouraged to think about and share what caring means to them – who they care for, who cares for them and how that is demonstrated. From this discussion they designed posters to illustrate one theme of caring that was personal to them.

As part of the creative process they made foam stamps, rolled them with ink and pressed them on to paper to add a graphic element to their posters. The results were amazing, take a look at some of them.

The session was led by Sophie Blagden, Head of Learning at the Turf Project, who said: “The pupils’ artwork is incredible and so varied. It was lovely to hear what the idea of caring meant to them and exciting to see how they translated that to paper.”

At the end of the session the posters were displayed and pupils were encourage to share their thoughts about the day and their works of art.

“My poster shows my father caring for me by taking me to the park.”

“I like my artwork, I think my family will be proud of me.”

“I thought about my sister in my poster, it is of me and my sister, she makes me happy, this is us rolling around laughing!”

Thank you to the Turf Project, we are looking forward to returning soon.

There is a lovely feeling at school, it is always very positive, warm and welcoming – Parent 


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