Worries and Concerns

Students – this procedure is written for you to help you if you have a complaint, a concern or a worry.
If you have a complaint or a concern, or if you are worried about something,
you can tell an adult at school.
We will always listen to you.
We will talk to you about what we can do about your complaint, concern or worry.
We will work with you.
We will let you know what we are doing to try to make things better for you.
Who and how
The adult you tell can be a teacher, a therapist or a support assistant, or
anyone who works in the school who you know and trust.
You can decide how you tell the adult.
You can talk to the adult.
You can write a note and give it to the adult.
You can ask your parent(s) to tell the adult. Your parent(s) can phone the adult or they can send an email. They can also write a note in your planner.
It is best to tell an adult as soon as possible.
You can tell an adult anything at any time. We will always listen to you.
Staying Safe
Anything you tell us is OK. You will not get into trouble.
We cannot keep secrets. If you tell us something that makes us think that you or someone else is at risk, we will probably have to tell someone. We may have to tell your parent(s) too.
We will tell you what we have done to try to make things better for you. If you still have a complaint or a concern, or if you are still worried, you can tell us again.
If you think your complaint, concern or worry has not been dealt with well enough, you can tell the school’s governors.
The staff in the school office can tell you how to contact the governors.
Support out of school
You can talk to your friends and family.
You can talk to other people who may work with you out of school, for example, a social worker.
You can contact Childline on 0800 1111 or the NSPCC – 0800 136663

There is a lovely feeling at school, it is always very positive, warm and welcoming – Parent 


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