Trip to the Royal Academy of Arts

Students visited London’s Royal Academy of Arts for a day of creativity which began with a viewing of a very thought provoking exhibition entitled Eco-Visionaries – Confronting a planet in a state of emergency.

They discovered how architects, artists and designers are responding today to some of the most urgent ecological issues of our times. From climate change to species extinction, resource depletion and the damaging effects of modern life.

Students were encouraged to articulate how the works of art made them feel. Their responses were sensitive and showed maturity and great awareness of how their planet is changing.

In the afternoon, they took over an art studio at the academy and were asked to create an animal or creature that might exist in the future. They had a great array of materials to use; from wire, foil and cellophane to polystyrene bricks, rods and tapes. Students also had access to glue guns, craft saws and pliers. After an hour of construction and decorating, students presented their futuristic creations. Staff at the academy were really impressed by students’ concentration, creativity and how they appreciated each other’s artwork.

There is a lovely feeling at school, it is always very positive, warm and welcoming – Parent 


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