Trip to the Royal Academy of Arts

Pupils from Wood and Weir classes enjoyed a wonderful trip to the Royal Academy of Arts, where they took part in a multisensory workshop.

The day began with a fun game –  pupils were asked to introduce themselves to the workshop team by saying their name and performing a sign that reflected their personality.

They were then shown printed pictures of various famous works of art and asked to select their favourites and talk about why they liked them and what they thought was happening in the pictures. Amongst the most popular were JMW Turner’s “Going to Sea” and Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper”.

Next, pupils got to see both works of art in the Royal Academy gallery, they were surprised at the large scale of “The Last Supper” and contributed to a thoughtful discussion about the Turner painting. Workshop leaders, Harry and Cash were very impressed by how well pupils engaged with and interpreted the art, in particular one pupil’s reference to Turner’s painting expressing emotion through warm and cool colours.

After lunch, pupils were invited to create two huge landscape paintings in response to what they had seen and heard throughout the day.  They had a range of brushes, rollers, scrapers and tapes to create their master pieces. They produced some fantastic artwork and were great ambassadors for The Link Secondary School.

See them in action!


There is a lovely feeling at school, it is always very positive, warm and welcoming – Parent 


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