World Maths Day

Wednesday 5th May was ‘World Maths Day’, a day when Mathematics is celebrated around
the world. At the secondary school, each class spent the day taking part in the ‘Mathletics Live’ world competition. Students had to answer several different mathematics questions correctly, at a range of levels, to gain points for the school. We had a range of success stories throughout the day, such as Ben in Johnson class being placed 14th in the country at one
point, and ending the day at 25th in the country overall. A remarkable achievement!
At lunchtime, students were invited to come to the ICT room and play against their maths teacher, Emily. They had lots of fun both in groups and as individuals, trying to answer
more questions than Emily could in 60 seconds. They really gave Emily a run for her
money and even beat her a few times!
Students were also invited to take part in a mental maths quiz, with three entries drawn at random by Amanda in Friday’s assembly. It was so lovely to see entries from a
range of classes, all putting their mental maths skills to the test.

There is a lovely feeling at school, it is always very positive, warm and welcoming – Parent 


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